Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saving mimio files as templates

Save your ink file to a folder in your Documents on your hardrive
Open your mimio Gallery.
Click on the folder  icon on the mimio Gallery.

Name your folder, click OK

Click on the new folder in the Gallery List and it will appear below. Find the folder on your hardrive with the saved ink file and drag it into the space below

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lifting Student Achievement with Technology

This is a presentation created by a teacher to present to the Board of Trustees. This teacher is a self confessed Luddite who two years ago did not like working with computers in her classroom. Now she is totally sold. What is so wonderful about this presentation is the evidence the teacher has to how computers and the use of the 'mimio' have 'significantly' lifted student achievement in her class.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Import PowerPoint into notebook software

Most notebook software will enable you to import PowerPoint files, (but it is made easier by saving them as PDF files) into your notebook files. Sometimes I prefer to create my activities in PowerPoint because of the templates and designs.

The following is an example of a cloze activity, based on instructional reader. It is created in PowerPoint, I added a template, then saved as a PDF file and then imported into Activstudio (File-Import-From PDF)
where students can use the tools to fill in the words.

and into 'mimo' notebook (File-Import)

and drag the PDF file onto a Smartbook notebook page.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Make a Poetry file

I remember many years ago as a student teacher having to create a poetry file for an assignment. I cut up cardboard, used fancy felt-tips, wrote a different poem on each cardboard sheet, illustrated took hours and hours.
When I visit junior classrooms, I often see blown up Poem Cards that teachers are using with children. I advise teachers to make IWB notebook files of their poems. Once they have made their poetry files and saved as a single document, they can use them in conjunction with their Poem cards.
They can use all of the tools such as 'highlighter, shapes, pen tool' to teach conventions of text and poetry. The blown up Poem Cards are still used as independent reading activities.